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PEO Services

A PEO business model brings together the key components of employment and employment administration in a simple, efficient package that includes payroll, payroll tax compliance, HR management services, workers compensation, state unemployment and employee benefits.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) began in the mid-1980s, and since then have been a widely adopted business model. Essentially, the PEO model brings great simplicity to employer administration, secures access to a wide variety of services and benefits, and delivers a high level of expertise and compliance to your business.


It is important to understand a key premise of a PEO arrangement: co-employment. Implicit in the PEO business model is a contractual agreement that the client employer and the PEO share employment responsibilities and function together as the worksite employer and the employer of record. Through the co-employment arrangement, the client employer accesses the PEO’s payroll services, payroll tax compliance, workers compensation coverage, HR management services, unemployment coverage, and employee benefits plans. By becoming an Acadia HR PEO client, you will gain a partner that provides a wide offering of services and expertise to streamline the administrative demands of being an employer.

Comprehensive Payroll Services

In this business model, Acadia HR delivers all facets of payroll and payroll taxes for your business.

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Full HR Delivery

As your HR team, we work with you to protect and grow your company.

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Employment Policies & Procedures

Whether you talk with a coach in sports or an executive in business, there is always a plan – a game plan, a business plan – because action without planning is risky.

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New Hire Management

One of the areas growing companies struggle with is the onboarding process of new employees, yet it is one of the most critical components of the employment lifecycle.

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